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Applying Key-Line to Syntropic Farming

Despite sharing most of the principles backing all regenerative approaches, Syntropic Farming was devised by Ersnt in Brazil without any influence from other regenerative approaches or design systems. Although many

Joel Salatin’s Egg Mobile System

The main function of the Egg Mobile System is to improve pastures using the egg mobile following. In this case the chicken system moves into a paddock 3 days after

The Philosophy Behind Syntropic Farming

Ernst Gotsch, the father of Syntropic Farming emphasises in his teachings that the human being is not the most intelligent animal in the planet. According to him we are only

Myopic Veganism and the Indirect Killing of Wildlife

The Argentinian naturalist Claudio Bertonatti, wrote the article The Confusion of Veganism (in Spanish) a few weeks ago. Claudio’s article argues that most Vegans/Vegetarians have a myopic view of how